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New 2019 from CN-ModelsTM GLIDER BAG for pilots F5J F3J F3B F3F! This is what you have been waiting for! A bag in which you can put at once THREE gliders. Now it will be easy and convenient to transport your models!

New glider bags from CN-Models will allow you to place THREE gliders, and comfortably transport them to a training or competition.

The standard sizes of bags that we produce:

Dimensions - width 22 cm, length 190 cm, height 32 cm.

You can also order a bag according to your individual sizes.

Our bags is distinguished by high fastness to wear and made of qualitative materials. Outer fabric Oxford 600D is with PU proofing. The fabric has water-repellent properties.

Fabric composition: 100% polyester. Fabric weight: 420 gram/m2.

Due to PU proofing the fabric locks in moisture, the proofing is not ruined as time passed. (unlike PVC proofing). The fabric withstands temperature from -20 to +50 degrees;

Inner fabric is T190 lining, 100% polyester; between inner and outer layers of fabric there is a layer of polyurethane foam 10 mm thick for supplementary insulation and cushioning of external effect on its content; the handles are made of belt lacing (100% polyester) 50 mm thick.

Available to order.

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