CN-Models® company was founded in November 2012 and united people who like gliders and everything connected with them. Today the managing partners and main product developers in the Company are sportsmens of the National Team of Ukraine for F3J/F5J Sergii Petrenko and Aleksandr Petrenko.

The first development of the team was the glider Optimus F3J / F5J, serial production of this models in the company during 2014-2017.

Also, since 2012, the CN Models company has been producing Carboweave® carbon material. Now this trade mark of carbon fabric is known all over the world. Our unique product is successfully used by manufacturers in 40 countries on 5 continents. We provide the largest range of non-woven carbon fabrics - over 20 types of Carboweave®:

- biaxial carbon fabric IMS 65 - for gliders, sailplanes, slopers, aircrafts;

- 3-layers carbon fabric - for f2c racing models;

- high modulus carbon fabric UMS 40 – for ultra-light and high strength constructions, spars.

New for 2020 in the market of radio controlled gliders - Sensor F5J, a new stage in the life of the company.

Our assortment is constantly replenished with actual accessories and components for RC models - these are bags and cases for transportation, sun protective covers for gliders; spinners, motor mounts, blades.

We work and develop to produce high-quality and relevant products for the market of RC models. Thank you for being with us!

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