New carbon material from CN-Models and CARBOWEAVE®. We made a lighter version of the three-layer material CW 57. And present to your attention a new three-layer carbon material Carboweave CW 47.

First FAI F5J World Championship for electric Model AirCraft was held 11-17 august 2019 in Trnava, Slowakia. Ukraine was represented by a team of juniors and a team of seniors. And we have an exelent results

This year CN-Models and CARBOWEAVE® again sponsored several student-teams that competed in the Air Cargo Challenge 2019. The AERO@UBI team used Carboweave® carbon fabric - CW 20 and CW 40 to build their aircraft.

Exclusive from CN-Models! We created it - ultra-light fabriс Carboweave® with a weight of 11 grams per 1 m2.

The high modular UMS Сarboweave™ for creating lightweight and more durable models.

In 2018 CN-Models extended the product catalog with new types of double-layer Carboweave®fabrics..

This year, traditionally held the first international competition this season in Cyprus - Gesitkale 2018 F3J/F5J..

CN-ModelsTM was one of the team's supporters this year. We provided for AkaModell Stuttgart the newest ultra-light material from the unique high modulus fiber CarboweaveTM CW19, CW29, CW39.

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