This year CN-Models and CARBOWEAVE® again sponsored several student-teams that competed in the Air Cargo Challenge 2019. The AERO@UBI team used Carboweave® carbon fabric - CW 20 and CW 40 to build their aircraft.

The result was 5th place (out of 30 teams), the best national participation, with 333.5 points We congratulate AERO@UBI team on this achievement!

Next, we are provided with several photos and a description of the aircraft manufacturing process.

“Our team focuses on the use of composite materials for aircraft, in particular carbon fiber. This option is not only technological, but also too expensive. For the construction of the aircraft, approaches using molds were chosen. Manufacturing techniques for composite materials were made from vacuum packaging when necessary to ensure the correct shape of the parts. As for the competition, from August 12 to 17, the team presented the project, which was submitted in the report. We adopted a strategy to gradually increase the payload mass and analyze the flights of other teams. Our plane flew with 4.1 kg, 7.1 kg, 7.2 kg and 8.0 kg. We would like to thank you again for your support! We look forward to partnering with you for the next release of the Air Cargo Challenge. ”

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