New in autumn 2019 from CN-Models and CARBOWEAVE®!

We made a lighter version of the three-layer material CW 57. And present to your attention a new three-layer carbon material Carboweave CW 47. This fabric will be good not only to repair the tail booms but also to make the power parts of the wing, as it will have both stiffness in torsion and stiffness in deflection.

Density: 47 g/m2

Fiber type: IMS 65 (Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber IMS65 E23 24K 830tex).

Number of layers: 3

The direction of fibers in the layers tacking: -60°; +60°; 90° or +60°; -60°; 90°

Standard sheet size: 3100 mm × 600 mm

Available to order by link:

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